Pub Trivia! Team “27 Club Sandwiches”…

27 Club Sandwiches.

Our team name, 27 Club Sandwiches, was kind of lame, but I had no choice in the matter.  I wanted our team name to be “Aragon” (in honor of Obama’s BDay bash at the Aragon Theatre).  Anyways, pub trivia was loads of fun and there was plenty of cheap Miller to go around!  Let the random trivia questions begin!

Strategy: Question, Answer, Beer. Repeat.

  1. Can you name 4 US Presidents who have died while in office since 1900?
  2. Can you name 3 countries to have hosted the Winter Olympics in the 1990s?

Movies. Entertainment.

3.  Name the movie which won the Oscar for Best Picture in the 1980s which had a PG rating.  It also won an Oscar for best lead actress…

4.  This person was born in 1975 and her real first name is Stacey.  She played the voice of Sally in the cartoon, Peanuts.  She was originally in a band and went solo and sold over 8 million albums worldwide and has her own fragrance.  Who is this famous person?

Science.  Geography. History.

5.  How many calories are in 1 pound of human body fat?

6.  Name 3 countries that border 3 of the 4 major oceans of the world.  The 4 major oceans are: Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic and Indian Oceans.

7.  What company listed on the NYSE with the symbol, “M”, was founded in 1858 and had annual sales in 2010 of over $25 billion?


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